In 2015, The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners teamed up to launch Pathways to Financial Empowerment, an initiative designed to guide low income clients to financial security through one-to-one counseling. Five participating Credit Unions were selected for the pilot, with a plan to roll the project out to Community Development Credit Unions across the country.

A guiding principle of this project, and key to its ultimate success, was its sponsors’ commitment to using the best technology available to execute their mission. National Federation and Neighborhood Trust worked with Yurgosky to design a completely digital financial counseling platform built on Salesforce technology.

Our product guides Counselors through flows designed to optimize the client experience from end-to-end and streamline data entry on mobile or desktop versions. It also empowers Counselors to customize the experience for each client, by integrating the provision of one-to-one counseling with tracking of financial product use, personal credit history data, budgeting, and day to day action items suggested by the Counselors. The platform is also integrated with SMS to streamline and track communication with clients.